Dog Kennels

Our dog kennels offer a classic gable design that is perfect for your pup’s comfort. With a built in dog run, you can rest assured that your pooch is secure and safe in their cozy custom-made home. And if the attached run isn’t enough, we have the option for separate dog runs for more space as well!

Our most popular kennel has an 8×12 roof line (4×8 shed interior with 8×8 dog run). Custom sizes, options and configurations are also available!

Our Custom Built Dog Kennels Include:

  • Classic Gable design with a dog run added
  • Dog run fenced in with kennel material and a kennel door
  • Dog doors available
  • Separate dog runs instead of one large one are available
  • Popular sizes: 8×12 roof line (4×8 shed interior with 8×8 dog run)
  • Custom sizes available!

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