5 Reasons You Could Use a Storage Shed in Your Backyard

Being A Homeowner Increases The Need For Outdoor Storage

When you become a homeowner, you quickly find out why you need outdoor storage solutions for all the items you accumulate to help keep with your home and yard maintenance.  Between needing a lawnmower, rakes, and shovels, you might also have lawn chairs and tables, gardening tools, weed trimmers, power washers and more. That’s not even including, the fun stuff like bicycles, outdoor yard games, or camping equipment! This stuff can really take up some serious real estate in your garage or basement, or worse, cluttered at the back of your home.

So, if you’re looking to get more organized, a storage shed is the perfect solution. A storage shed can help you clear out your garage, basement, and closets, and give you an ideal spot for storing all of your outdoor items. Plus, having a neat and tidy backyard can really help boost your home’s curb appeal. Here are five top reasons why you need a storage shed in your backyard.

Keep All Your Lawn Care Equipment Out Of Site And Protected

A storage shed will provide protection from the elements for all of your lawn care tools like mowers, trimmers, and rakes. Having them stored away in a secure location will keep them safe from theft as well as prevent any damage that could be caused by rain or snow. Plus, it’ll free up space in your garage or basement, so you don’t have to worry about tripping over these large items every time you walk through the door. A storage shed can be customized to your storage needs by adding shelving, hooks for utilizing vertical space, and off season items can be stored up high, and out of site when not in use. Hang your outdoor hoses, weed trimmers, rakes and shovels to maximize their lifespan by staying out of the elements.

A Place To Store Outdoor Furniture During Winter Months

Again, the list goes on and on with what we collect to enjoy our yard and homes. But, when fall arrives, you say to yourself, where am I going to put the chair cushions for the winter, or all these tools for the yard need to be protected so they don’t rot or rust. It quickly becomes apparent why so many homeowners have nice looking storage sheds in their backyard.

Having furniture sitting outside during winter months can be damaging and unsightly. Investing in a storage shed allows you to store away chairs, umbrellas, BBQ grills and other outdoor items until they are needed again come springtime. This will not only protect the furniture from inclement weather but also make sure it stays clean until you are ready to use it again. Plus, since everything is tucked away in one place, no more hunting around trying to find what should be stored where!

Safely Store Garden Supplies, Fertilizers, Pots, And Soil

Gardening supplies can take up valuable space inside of our homes if left unchecked. A storage shed provides the perfect spot for storing potting soil, fertilizer, and garden pots without taking up much-needed space inside of our homes. Having all these items stowed away safely also prevents any accidents that could occur with children or pets who may come into contact with hazardous materials such as insecticides or fertilizers that may not be adequately labeled or contained properly inside our homes.

And, by outfitting your shed with shelving and a workstation, you can easily have the luxury to grow your own seeds and make your own flower pot displays right in your shed and not sprawled out on your lawn breaking your back trying to have a green thumb.

Store Away Bicycles, Helmets, Sports Gear & Backyard Games 

If you love biking or playing sports outdoors then having a storage shed is a must! It gives you an ideal spot for storing bikes and helmets when not being used as well as keeping sports equipment such as baseball bats & gloves together, so they don’t get lost in the shuffle within your home’s closet space. And if you love playing games like corn hole or horseshoes outdoors then having a designated area just for those items is essential, so they don’t get misplaced come time for game night!

Get organized with plastic totes for off season sports gear, hooks for hanging bikes and gear bags, pegboard for all those extras like bike pumps, spare tire tubes, bike tools and elbow pads. Store baseball bats on adjustable hooks along the walls, or add a large barrel for storing hockey sticks, and add some hanging buckets or netting for storing basketballs, baseballs or pucks. You’ll absolutely love your outdoor organized sports shed!

You Need Protection For Your Lawnmower, Motorcycle Or Recreation Vehicles

Do you have an expensive ride on lawnmower or a motorcycle with no place to store it? Investing in a storage shed keeps these expensive pieces of machinery safe from theft while allowing them to stay out of sight and out of the elements until needed again come summertime! Storage sheds are very customizable for whatever you need and more. You can have a double wide swing doors or a space saving garage door on a barn style shed, and you can even have a pressure treated ramp to easily drive your machine right in. Adding some shelving will help organize all the gas and motor oils, tools and accessories that go along with having a lawn mower, motorcycle, dirt bike or four wheeler.

There is no doubt that having a storage shed can make life easier when it comes to organizing outdoor items such as lawn care equipment or bicycles/helmets/sports gear – but it also provides valuable protection from theft & damage too! Whether it’s protecting your ride-on lawnmower, motorcycle etc. or simply keeping outdoor furniture safe during winter months – investing in one is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for more ways to maximize organization & security within your backyard oasis! And don’t forget that a storage shed can add property value too, while adding a bit of nice curb appeal too!