Features & Options to Consider When Selecting the Right Shed for Your Needs

Adding a storage shed to your home can provide a lot of benefits to help keep your outdoor tools and equipment organized, and your home less cluttered. Deciding on a custom shed that fits your exact needs can be an exciting project but can also feel overwhelming when you don’t know where to start. With so many options for style, size, and materials, how do you know which one is right for you? Let’s explore some key factors to consider when deciding on a storage shed style that works best for your needs.

Function and Use: How do you want to use your Shed?

The purpose of your outdoor storage shed will be the first important factor to consider. Do you need a shed for outdoor equipment, gardening tools, a pool house, recreation vehicles, or just for storage purposes? This will also influence the size and design of your shed.

For instance, if you need an outdoor potting shed, you may want to include workbenches, potting tables, and shelving to accommodate all of your tools. If you want a storage shed, you may need to consider loft options or shelving to make the most of your vertical space.

Location: Determine where your Shed will be Installed

You’ll need to prepare the designated area for your new backyard shed to be installed. Can a shed company drive out to the area in your yard without any issued to install the shed? Do you have to relocate any plants or move a fence ahead of time, so they have a safe passageway to your location?

Next, you’ll need to level out your area and think about what will support the shed’s floor underneath. Discuss this ahead of schedule to assure the shed company can place the shed on level ground. The shed company may be able to level it for additional costs, or you can prepare the site yourself. You can choose gravel and road mix material to level a spot or pour a solid foundation with concrete.

Size: What Size Shed do you Need?

Once you have decided on what you’ll want to store in the shed you’ll need to figure out what size shed will accommodate everything that needs to fit inside. You’ll want to make sure you have ample storage space, and now is the time to decide on the types of sheds that are available.

The easiest method to determine the size would be to draw out a spot in your yard with either a hose or spray paint and begin placing your items within the drawn area. Park your lawnmower and bikes or pile up your outdoor gardening supplies and get a feel for how much space they take up, and if you have enough room to move around to get at things.

Adjust the size as needed to make sure you can fit everything in the space or that you have enough space to work in the shed if that is your main goal.

Style: What’s the Style of your Home? Sheds can match the Style!

When it comes to the style of your shed, you want to select a design that fits well with your home’s architectural style and the character of your outdoor space. For example, if you live in a Victorian-style home, you may want to consider a Victorian Style Shed to blend in with your home and it makes for a perfect looking potting shed, or she shed.

If you have more of a farm style home, you may want to choose the Classic Barn Style Shed or the Tall Barn Shed for extra above storage. There are so many style sheds to choose from that easily complement your home and yard. The Garden shed or Ranch and Cottage Sheds are great sheds for storage. With the added overhang roof and deck you can add some chairs and window boxes for a place to sit and enjoy your yard.

On the other hand, if you want a modern look for a contemporary style home design, there is The Modern Shed Design that has a sleek angled sloping roof, big windows, and glass front doors, and is so good looking that you might want to create living space inside!

Materials: Storage Shed Options

What type of door do you need? Garage door? Garden door? Glass Doors? Barn Doors? Do you want windows for light and overall aesthetics or window boxes for flowers? Would you prefer a ramp or a porch or overhang roof for outdoor protection?

When choosing your shed materials, you will want to consider the durability and aesthetic appeal. There are many styles choose from to make your shed work for how you need it to work. You can choose a roll up garage style door, garden door, steel entry door or a double entry door. The options are endless.

You can also choose from shelving options, added loft space, workstations with pegboard, and you can choose your siding and type of roof whether you want asphalt or metal. the final selection will depend on your particular needs and style preference.

Keep in mind that you want your shed to stand up to the elements and last for years, choosing a high-quality and durable material is essential for longevity.

Color and Finishing: And Accessories

After deciding on your materials, you want to select the right color and finish that complements your home’s color and boosts the overall curb appeal of your outdoor space. You may want to consider a color that matches the color of your house, trim and shudders.

There are other fun options like adding a pressure treated deck that can be stained or painted a complimentary color. And let’s not forget the roof. Adding a cupola with a Weathervane provides the perfect touch that represents your home and style.

After your custom shed is installed and finished, then you can do some landscaping. Whether you’d like to plant flower beds or bushes, or a stone pathway to your shed, it will be your custom shed for years to come.


Choosing a storage shed that is practical and visually appealing for your home’s design, size, and style is essential. Don’t get overwhelmed by all the options available in the market. By keeping these key factors in mind, you can select a storage shed that adds functionality to your outdoor space while also improving the aesthetics of your yard. Working with a reputable shed builder near you will help you get the right shed for your needs and your budget.

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