Shed Rooms: Shed Styles That Make Beautiful Outdoor Rooms

Do you love spending time in your garden and outdoor space as much as we do? If so, have you considered building an outdoor room? With so many shed styles to choose from, it’s possible to create a personal retreat that you’ll love to spend time in with an outdoor storage shed. Yes, you heard that correctly! Shed rooms have come a long way from simple storage spaces and how they are being utilized as outdoor living space. With so many styles and color options, doors choices and window styles, an outdoor shed can resemble a mini house.

Let’s take a look at the things you should consider before building an outdoor room and explore some of the most popular shed styles we offer.

How Do You Want to Use Your Shed

Whether you’re planning on building a she shed, man cave, or party shed, the first thing you need to consider is how you’ll use your outdoor room. A she shed may serve as a peaceful retreat, while a man cave may function as a workshop, game room, media room, or home bar. On the other hand, a party shed may provide the perfect spot for entertaining guests.

Garden shed ideas have grown from everything from an outdoor living room to outdoor kitchens and everything in between. What’s your idea? Once you know what you’ll use your shed for, you can start thinking about where it’ll go.

Location- Where Will You Install It

The location of your shed will depend on the size of your yard, garden, and the activities you plan on doing in your outdoor space. A shed situated next to a garden can be used as a potting station, while a shed close to a pool may serve as a changing room. If you don’t have any existing spaces that suit your needs for an obvious shed space, creating a new specific outdoor room is what we’ll be going over.

But first, you need to evaluate where you’ll install it. Take a look at your outdoor space and determine where you’d like to add the shed and how you will use the space surrounding it. For instance, you might want to use typical landscaping around the shed that includes a garden bed, a walkway, and window boxes.

Or you might want to take it a step further and add a deck, or patio out front for indoor outdoor living. It’s all a matter of preference. But the visual will help you decide the location of the shed and how much dedicated space will surround it.

Size- How Large Do You Want Your Shed

The size of your shed will depend on how you plan to use it and how much space you have in your yard. Sheds come in a range of sizes, from 6’x8′ to 16’x24′, and you can always opt to have a custom-built shed that fits your specific needs.

Although sheds come in specific sizes, they can also be built suit your needs. Try using a large hose or rope to outline a rectangular area to get an idea of how the size feels in your yard as well as getting a feel for the space inside too. You can also use orange spray paint to mark out an area. Once you know the size of your shed, you can start thinking about which shed style suits your vision.

Style- What’s Your Style

There are several outdoor shed styles to choose from, including ranch, cottage, Victorian, modern, and American Classic. A ranch-style shed provides a simple, rustic look, while a cottage-style shed adds a touch of whimsy to your garden. Victorian-style sheds are more ornate, while modern-style sheds are sleek and minimalist. American Classic sheds combine traditional and modern elements to create a timeless look.

Keep in mind that whichever style you choose, there are many options for window types and sizes, door choices, ramps, decks, shelving and more. So, there’s still a lot of customization that can be done to a standard shed to design it specific to your style.

Let’s take a closer look at these wood shed styles and design ideas to see what you like best. We’ve provided links so you can explore some of the shed styles and options:

Ranch & Cottage

A ranch style shed really resembles a ranch style or cottage style house and with an optional added overhang or deck makes a perfect tiny house ready to be used for your dream outdoor space. With bright windows and either a traditional garden door or a double glass French style door you can decorate it as an outdoor lounge room, or a studio efficiency equipped with a mini kitchen, a couch, and comfy pillows. Outside on the deck you can have additional seating with a Bristol table set.


The Victorian design features a false gable over the door, overhangs on all Four sides and two windows, giving it an attractive, yet timely look. The fun possibilities with this shed are endless. Of course, it would make a lovely garden potting shed, but it has so much more potential to be an extended outdoor room.

And if you choose the larger size, you can have two rooms, one for potting plants and one for a whimsical garden hang out equipped with mix matched chairs, plants, and garden décor. There’s an option to have a door for each side making it even more versatile.


The Modern shed’s open interior provides ample room for customization with larger windows and oversized doors and featured sleek window above the door makes for a perfect outdoor room while really complimenting your yard. The Modern shed style would make a great home office, pool house or studio either for arts and craft studio or a studio style room.

The larger 10’x20’ shed with double open doors would make a great backyard pub fully equipped with a serving bar for what’s on tap, add pub tables and a large screen TV for game nights under the stars.

American Classic

The American Classic model features 6″ overhangs on all four sides and upgraded shingles, giving your shed a finished look and feel. You can’t go wrong with this classic and functional design. This shed is so versatile with options from a garden door, barn door or a garage door to suit your needs for how you will utilize this shed. This shed is a great option for a home workshop.

From woodworking projects for the home, to working on your bikes or ATV’s, or a fun craft room for the whole family to work on fun projects. And you’ll have plenty of space for all your storage needs for tools and supplies.


Designing an outdoor room with a shed is a great way to create a personal and functional space that you’ll love spending time in. Whether you’re building a she shed, man cave shed, or party shed, it’s important to consider the shed’s location, size, and style before making any final decisions. With so many styles to choose from, you’re sure to find a shed that suits your personal tastes and complements your garden. Happy shed hunting!